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Britt J. Simon, Esquire recently was trained in the approved National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) newest DWI and Drug training for Law Enforcement Officers. This training covered  the recently released 2015 ARIDE training curriculum.NHTSA DUI Attorney

This NHTSA training course is relatively new to the law enforcement community and has only been available to officers and prosecutors since 2009, there are already more “ARIDE trained” officers across the country then DRE officers.

Mr. Simon received the exact training law enforcement officers receive. The training taught is how officers are trained to administer, interpret, and testify to the Modified Romberg Balance test, the Lack of Convergence test, and how officers are trained to estimate pupils sizes. Also the officers are taught to recognize certain signs and symptoms of drug impairment and what drug categories induce nystagmus, and dilate and constrict pupils.

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