Criminal Record Expungement 

                                      How to clear your record of previous convictions.

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                                      Clearing your name from Criminal Records

                                      What is expungement? How do I qualify?

                                      Expungement is the isolation (removal) of a criminal record, so it is no longer visible to the public. The main objective of an expungement is to provide relief to those who deserve it. Expungement is the best way to clear your past indiscretions. Once a judge signs the Expungement Order, your criminal record has been expunged is effectively “cleared” of the incident. Therefore, searches performed on official government databases, such as the courts or police department, will generally yield return results similar to “No Record Found.” Some Police Departments and County Sheriff's Offices maintain expungement files, but those files are sealed and locked away from prying eyes. 

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