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When the State tries to come between you and your child, trust us to defend your interests through the process.


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Division of Child Protection & Permanency, formerly DYFS

The Division of Child Protection and Permanency (formerly DYFS) is a controversial regulatory body in New Jersey tasked with safeguarding children from abuse and neglect, and which maintains the ability to separate you and your children.

While this may sound like an exaggeration, their purpose is to investigate accusations of child abuse and mistreatment and to place children into the environment that will help them best succeed in life, and while this sounds beneficial, there are some major shortfalls in the system...

For example, accusations of abuse are often anonymous and require no basis-in-fact before the State's Child Protection Division launches an investigation. If you are anonymously accused of mistreating your child, you do not have the right to know who has made that tip against you.   

Many have felt powerless when the DCPP opens an investigation into them. Some have felt bullied or have had their lives unjustifiably intruded upon. There's no easy button that will make the investigation disappear, but they do typically resolve within 60 days; however, there are many nuances to every case as no two situations are exactly alike.

If the State has opened an investigation into the alleged mistreatment, neglect, or abuse of your child by his or her parents or guardians, contact us to make sure you understand your rights and what rights the DCPP has when interviewing you and your loved ones. Our attorneys can provide effective assistance in handling these situations -- assistance which may mean the difference between closing an investigation or 'welcoming' the DCPP into your life for the foreseeable future.


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