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                                      Relationship Agreements in New Jersey


                                      Prenuptial Agreements or "Pre-Nups"

                                      When you enter into a new relationship and that relationship evolves over time into a soon-to-be marriage, we recommend creating a Relationship Agreement, generally known as a "Pre-Nuptial" Agreement, to protect your interests as well as the interests of your future spouse. While the idea of one day leaving your blossoming relationship might seem unimaginable (and we hope it never happens), sometimes circumstances change - and other times people do. 

                                      Establishing a pre-marital agreement is one of the best methods of safeguarding pre-marital assets, meaning any property interests (including money and investments) you've acquired prior to your marriage. Courts in New Jersey generally enforce these agreements when properly created, ensuring your interests are exempted from division. However, prenuptial agreements can also help outline you and your future spouse's basic obligations, rights, and privileges in the marriage. Further, if you two one day did choose to divorce, the items outlined in your pre-existing prenuptial agreement might help to expedite your divorce, ease tensions, and possibly reduce attorney fees later on. That said, because the Agreement will endure through the entire duration of your marriage, we strongly advise you to contact a qualified Family Law firm such as Simon Law Group to ensure a legally-sound, comprehensive Agreement that can be properly enforced in court.

                                      If you own significantly more than your future spouse, or if you earn substantially more, you may want to consider a Prenup. Likewise, if you expect to receive a large inheritence, or if you are the named beneficiary of a Trust, you should consider a Prenuptial Agreement. Additionally, if your partner has major student debt or burdensome loans, we strongly recommend creating a Prenuptial Agreement. You might also wish to create a Prenuptial Agreement if you have children prior to the marriage or if you've been married before.


                                      Potential Benefits of a Pre-Marital Agreement

                                      1. Reduced Litigation and costs in the event of a Divorce;
                                      2. Alimony Waiver;
                                      3.  Complete Protection of Pre-Marital Assets; or
                                      4. Predetermined Division of Pre-Marital Assets in the event of a Divorce


                                      Protectable Assets

                                      In NJ, you can include any of the following assets in your Pre-Marital Agreement:

                                      • Real Property (meaning any homes or land you own)
                                      • Investment Accounts
                                      • Trusts or other Estates
                                      • Business Interests
                                      • Business Assets
                                      • Overseas and Foreign Assets
                                      • Other types of Property

                                      However, all of your assets must be openly disclosed at the time you and your future spouse create the Agreement. Likewise, your future spouse must also consult his or her own attorney to review the Agreement, and he or she must voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions without duress of any kind, including time pressure. 

                                      Once each of these conditions are met, you can essentially create any terms and conditions as you and your attorney reasonably see fit. If you're engaged and are seeking peace of mind for your future financial security or for the financial security of your children, family, business partners, contact us today and let us help you develop a strong relationship agreement that can safeguard your interests while simultaneously benefiting you and your future spouse by reducing future costs and burdensome litigation in the event of a divorce. 

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                                      New Jersey Family Courts we appear in regularly:

                                      Bergen County 
                                      Justice Center, Room 119
                                      10 Main Street
                                      Hackensack, NJ 07601
                                      (201) 527-2300


                                      Essex County 
                                      Family Division Dissolution Unit
                                      Wilentz Justice Complex, Room 113
                                      212 Washington Street
                                      Newark, NJ 07102
                                      (973) 693-6710


                                      Family Division Non-Dissolution Unit
                                      Wilentz Justice Complex, Room 1365
                                      212 Washington Street
                                      Newark, NJ 07012
                                      (973) 693-5560 or (973) 693-5520


                                      Hudson County
                                      Family Intake Team
                                      Administration Bldg., Room 203
                                      595 Newark Avenue
                                      Jersey City, NJ 07306
                                      (201) 795-6777


                                      Hunterdon County 
                                      Family Case Management Office
                                      Hunterdon County Justice Center
                                      65 Park Avenue
                                      Flemington, NJ 08822
                                      (908) 237-5920


                                      Mercer County
                                      Family Case Management Office
                                      175 S. Broad St., 2nd Floor
                                      P.O. Box 8068
                                      Trenton, NJ 08650-0068
                                      (609) 571-4200


                                      Middlesex County
                                      Family Part Intake Reception Team
                                      Family Courthouse
                                      120 New St., Room 111
                                      P.O. Box 2691
                                      New Brunswick, NJ 08903-2691
                                      (732) 519-3242

                                      Monmouth County
                                      Family Part, Courthouse
                                      71 Monument Park
                                      P.O. Box 1252
                                      Freehold, NJ 07728-1252
                                      (732) 677-4050


                                      Morris County
                                      Morris County Family Division
                                      Morris County Courthouse Family Intake
                                      Washington and Court Streets
                                      P.O. Box 910
                                      Morristown, NJ 07963
                                      (973) 656-4000


                                      Somerset County
                                      Family Case Management Office
                                      Courthouse, 2nd Floor
                                      P.O. Box 3000
                                      Somerville, NJ 08876-1262
                                      (908) 231-7600


                                      Sussex County
                                      Sussex County Family Division
                                      Sussex County Judicial Center
                                      43-47 High Street
                                      Newton, NJ 07860
                                      (973) 579-0630


                                      Union County
                                      Dissolution Assignment Office
                                      New Annex Bldg.; Courthouse
                                      2 Broad Street
                                      Elizabeth, NJ 07207
                                      (908) 659-3314


                                      Warren County
                                      Family Division Dissolution Unit
                                      413 Second St.;
                                      P.O. Box 900
                                      Belvidere, NJ 07823-1500
                                      (908) 475-6150

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