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Corporate & Commercial-Transactional Law

As a firm that regularly interacts with both LLC's, mid-sized, large, private, and public corporations, we're cognizant of our clients’ needs for excellent yet cost-effective services. A corporations' need to reduce overhead and streamline aspects of the company is paramount to its financial health. Our firm has represented limited liability companies “LLCs,” mid-size, and trans-national corporations in every stage of development and growth, from inception, to acquisition, to sale, dissolution, and mergers.

Simon Law Group has substantial experience in the integration of corporations and limited liability companies as well as in the preparation of bylaws, operation agreements, buy-sell agreements, NDA's, shareholder agreements, copyright/trademark applications and related matters, minutes of shareholder and director meetings, corporate resolutions, and dozens of other corporate services. We're experienced in the handling of both basic and sophisticated transactions on behalf of corporations and LLC's, and to appeal to a growing network of clientele, we cater to small businesses of all types to assist in a variety of matters.

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Employment Law

Simon Law Group represents both employees and employers regarding employment issues that arise during the course of ones employment or tenure in a corporate, office, or blue-collar work setting. Many of our attorneys represent employees who have been victims of common-law and statutory violations, such as sexual harassment, whistle blower protection, employment discrimination, and claims for wrongful termination, just to name a few. We provide similar protections for employers experiencing an unfair situation by disgruntled employees. Whether you're an employer or an employee, S.L.G. has the resources to defend your case through successful, dedicated litigation. Our years of experience in Employment law make us uniquely qualified to act on your behalf should you consult us. Our lawyers evaluate cases on behalf of either the employee or employer, and extensively review your options with you, as well as the legal implications, consequences, or benefits of the options we offer before you. 

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For Landlords: If you are a landlord, New Jersey state law places several obligations upon you and your business. It is in your best interests and the best interests of your tenants to be compliant with the law. Simon Law Group helps LL's become compliant and maintain this compliance within the boundaries of the law. If you have a problematic tenant, our attorneys will advise you on all available resolutions, and are prepared to represent you through litigation should you consult us. In addition, we often protect our clients by drafting or creating a comprehensive lease which maximizes your protection under applicable law. We understand the unique character of your business or rental-structure, and we'll provide you with the resources to protect it.



Lemon Law (Major Automotive Defects)

Stop suffering with a defective vehicle. Seize this incredible opportunity to get restitution.

The New Jersey "Lemon Law" is implicated when a manufacturer of the vehicle has breached its warranty, and the consumer is entitled to compensation (monetary or otherwise) for such a breach of warranty. Thankfully, New Jersey Lemon Law is rather comprehensive. Simon Law Group regularly represents frustrated vehicle owners and helps them fight for their rights as consumers under the statute. Often, settlements result in a guarantee to fix reported problems, monetary or similar compensation, or vehicle replacement by the manufacturer or dealership.

Most importantly, Simon Law Group will not seek or accept any fees for its services in connection with your claim. Only the manufacturer’s insurance company will issue payments to the consumer and our firm. There is NO COST TO YOU. Call our office to discuss your case today and receive a risk-free, no-cost consultation with one of our Lemon-Law Attorneys.

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome contact or conduct on the basis of gender which impacts a person's job. The legal sexual harassment definition does not limit sexual harassment to conduct that is of a sexual nature.

The first type of sexual harassment is known as quid pro quo or "this for that" sexual harassment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment involves a threat of some punitive action, such as firing or demotion, if the victim refuses the advances of the harasser. Quid pro quo sexual harassment will only be found if the person making the threats actually has the authority to carry them out.

The second category of sexual harassment is hostile environment sexual harassment. Hostile environment sexual harassment consists of any gender-based unwelcome conduct by a supervisor, co-worker, customer, vendor or anyone else with whom the victim may interact in the workplace. Courts consider other factors in determining whether sexual harassment exists, including whether a "reasonable person" would find the conduct so abusive as to constitute sexual harassment. Simon Law Group is sensitive to the needs of victims who have suffered from or are currently subjected to sexual harassment. Contact our firm for a private and discrete consultation to see how we can help resolve your issues or seek retribution for any harassment you’ve been subjected to.

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Wrongful Termination of Employment

The term “wrongful termination” is misleading because in New Jersey and most other states, without a written Agreement for a specific term, employment is “at will.” The attorneys at Simon Law Group can help you determine if you have been fired for questionable reasons that may constitute employment discrimination or a breach of contract. Call us for a free consultation to discuss your termination with one of our employment law attorneys. If our attorneys determine significant employment discrimination occurred, our dedicated lawyers will aggressively seek to fight for your rights under US and NJ law. 

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