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Workers' Compensation Claims

When you're injured at work or on the job, you can rest assured we have your best interests in mind.


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Injuries at Work in New Jersey


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Workers’ compensation is legislation enacted to ensure that when an employee is injured on the job, they will receive medical coverage and financial support. NJ Workers’ Compensation benefits were created to help those who are injured on the job to have access to medical treatment as well as a payment structure based on permanency of the injury.

Injured workers are unaware of benefits and can miss out on receiving some or all of the benefits available to them. It is important if you were injured on the job that you have an experienced workers' compensation lawyer to review your claim and to see that you are recovering maximum compensation and treatment.

Most importantly, Simon Law Group, LLC will not seek or accept any fees for its services in connection with your application for disability benefits. When you win your claim, Social Security issues payment directly to the firm. There is NO COST TO YOU. Call our office to discuss your case today and receive a risk-free, no-cost consultation with one of our qualified Workers’ Compensation Attorneys.

Common work-related claims include:

  • Slip & Fall or Trip Accidents
  • Falling down to a lower level (down a flight of stairs, down elevator shaft, etc.)
  • Over exertion or working "too hard" in a demanding environment
  • Reaction (When you avoid falling, but your body is injured from the event)
  • Strike by Object/Material
  • Machine/Machinery Accident or Malfunction
  • Repetetive Motion, (lifting boxes over-and-over, working on assembly line, etc.)
  • Workplace/Work-Related Violence (shootings/assaults at work, and injuries sustained by co-workers or during an "on the clock" period
  • Highway Incidents & Accidents (Most common with Truck Drivers, Travelling Business Reps, Safety Officers, and Construction Workers, as well as police & First-Aid/Fire)
  • Pushed against Object (Forced into Object causing injury)


Workers' Compensation and Medicare

If a permanent injury award is given, Medicare can and will hold the injured worker liable to reimburse Medicare for those payments. If you have received Medicare benefits it is extremely important that you speak with a New Jersey Workers' Compensation Lawyer and inform them. Simon Law Group, LLC’s attorneys are dedicated to Workers’ Compensation, and we have the knowledge to assist and support you, and will ensure that minimal workers’ compensation benefits are used to reimburse Medicare for medical treatments. An underfunded and financially strapped program like Medicare will sometimes seek reimbursement for as much treatment as possible, potentially even reaching into unrelated treatment. Ensure your benefits are protected.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome contact or conduct on the basis of gender which impacts a person's job. The legal sexual harassment definition does not limit sexual harassment to conduct that is of a sexual nature.

The first type of sexual harassment is known as quid pro quo or "this for that" sexual harassment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment involves a threat of some punitive action, such as firing or demotion, if the victim refuses the advances of the harasser. Quid pro quo sexual harassment will only be found if the person making the threats actually has the authority to carry them out.

The second category of sexual harassment is hostile environment sexual harassment. Hostile environment sexual harassment consists of any gender-based unwelcome conduct by a supervisor, co-worker, customer, vendor or anyone else with whom the victim may interact in the workplace. Courts consider other factors in determining whether sexual harassment exists, including whether a "reasonable person" would find the conduct so abusive as to constitute sexual harassment. Simon Law Group, LLC is sensitive to the needs of victims who have suffered from or are currently subjected to sexual harassment. Contact our firm for a private and discrete consultation to see how we can help resolve your issues or seek retribution for any harassment you’ve been subjected to.

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