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Guardianship Legal Services

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Guardianship Legal Services in New Jersey


The Guardianship Lawyer...

Simon Law Group, LLC works as Guardianship Attorneys in New Jersey and has a proven understanding of the relationship between the legal and medical aspects of guardianship law proceedings. Our wealth of experience in guardianship law will serve you well and help you to successfully navigate the process. Whether assisting clients with a full or limited guardianship, or defending a guardianship, you can feel confident with the attorneys at Simon Law Group, LLC. As your Guardianship Attorney, we will provide the necessary guidance and advocacy to help you navigate this challenging area of law. 

Guardianship law is complex and requires an attorney with knowledge in this highly sensitive and nuanced area of the law. We know the significant legal and medical concerns involved in determining whether a person is capable of managing his or her own affairs. Caretakers of the elderly and parents of individuals living with developmental disabilities often face the need for guardianship. Children of aging parents sometimes face the need for guardianship due to dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and other age-related issues. 

The New Jersey Guardianship Statute dictates that if the court finds an individual is without the capacity to manage his or her affairs, the court may appoint a guardian who will exercise all rights and powers of the incapacitated person. A need for a guardian must be shown to the court and proven by clear and convincing evidence. This is a high burden to meet and not getting it right can cost you and your loved one a great deal. 

If an individual can make at least some decisions, the New Jersey Guardianship Statute allows for the appointment of a limited guardian, which is important for those who are able to manage some but not all of their affairs. This allows an individual to maintain control and dignity but still have assistance and protection.

New Jersey Guardianship Law also allows for temporary guardianship. A temporary guardian can be appointed when the physical or mental health, safety and well-being of a person may be at risk; where property may be lost or destroyed, dissipated and/or misappropriated; and when it is in the person’s best interest that a temporary guardian be appointed. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate these legal issues. 

In addition to serving your needs relating to Guardianship, Simon Law Group, LLC can help your related legal needs in the areas of Special Needs Trusts, Estate Planning, Conservatorships, Will Disputes, Fiduciary Services and Mediation.



As highly seasoned attorneys in family and estate planning law, Simon Law Group, LLC offers free consultations in the area of Guardianship and Estate Planning. Assisting you in your time of need is our top priority.