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Traffic Violations in NJ

Trust us to defend your rights when it comes to a Traffic or Moving/Non-Moving violation.


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Why Simon Law Group, LLC?


Defending Clients in Traffic Complaints for well over a Decade...

Simon Law Group, LLC's attorneys have successfully represented Traffic and Moving Violations clients for well over a decade. As such, we know that the consequences of certain Traffic Tickets can be life-altering and severe. Penalties include heavy fines, insurance rate increases, possible loss of license, added points on your drivers' license, and sometimes even jailtime. 

You might think you should handle a Traffic Ticket or driving summons yourself because you believe you're innocent or because you think you can convince the judge or prosecutor to drop the complaint. However, we caution you otherwise. A ticket from the police is not "easy" or "simple" and shouldn't be treated as a mere annoyance.

In municipal courts, the prosecutor is tasked with advocating for the government against you. That prosecutor likely has at least 10, but as many as 100 or more cases to get through that day, and will certainly be addressing many cases similar to yours on the same day. What this ultimately means for you is that if you go alone, you have only a few minutes at most to speak to the prosecutor and explain to him or her why your case is different from all the others and hope to convince the prosecutor to side with you...

Unless you're well-versed in New Jersey's Traffic and Motor Vehicle code and can recite the finer aspects of those laws within a few minutes, you may find yourself admitting guilt, stumbling over your words, or digging yourself into a proverbial hole by accidentally aggravating the prosecutor...

Alternatively, you might think that explaining the situation or justifying your reasons for why you committed a certain moving offense in your vehicle will sway the prosecutor to your side. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case, and in New Jersey, ignorance of the law is not an excuse; neither is your intention. In other words, even if you can justify why you did something, if the prosecutor can show you did it, then it doesn't matter why you did it. In that instance, you're guilty regardless because the law does not discern between the driver's intention and the actual offense committed. In simple terms, the reality is that the prosecutor generally won't care what reasons you have for committing a traffic violation, and neither will the judge. 

Likewise, sometimes court appearances for Traffic Summonses may be extended, delayed, or rescheduled for additional meetings or appearances. If you opt to handle this yourself, you might quickly find yourself in over you head and preparing for trial against the government on a Ticket you expected to be dropped on your first discussion with the prosecutor...

If you decide seeking experienced legal representation might work in your favor, you can count on the attorneys at Simon Law Group, LLC who have successfully represented defendants in every county in New Jersey for the last 10+ years. Often times, we're able to downgrade your traffic charge or have it dismissed completely. This is especially important if you wish to maintain a clean driving record, and even more so if you have a CDL or other previous Traffic charges. 

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Pleading by Affidavit


An Affidavit may save you time & money

From grocery shopping to picking up the kids, our day-to-day existence is a never-ending battle for more time. Going to court to fight a traffic ticket is just another thing that is stopping you from spending time doing the fun things in life. It's a dilemma, wanting to protect your insurance rates by fighting the ticket but not wanting to spend valuable time in a court.

There is one possibility that you may be able to have it both ways.

For the millions of people who work or simply drive through the Garden State but don't reside here, they may be represented by a 'Plea by Affidavit.' Generally, if it's going to take you more than two hours to appear in court, this will be allowed. Otherwise while we may be able to change the court date if you will be out of the state and can provide documentation to that effect. 

Here's what would happen...

We would be retained by the client and create a retainer saying that we are able to appear in their place. The attorney would make that appearance on the client's behalf in court, and would argue the case as if they were there. Once an outcome had been determined, the client is contacted to give them the (hopefully) good news. The client will be sent an affidavit which states that he understands the outcome and would mail it to the court.

Unfortunately this isn't always a possibility. There are some courts that altogether will not accept pleas by affidavit. Also, some judges are far stricter when it comes to how reasonable the travel time is. 

If you have a case that could be a potential for a plea by affidavit, please reach out and ask us about it. Although not every case will qualify we would be happy to reach out to the court for you and check, at the very least we may be saving you some precious time.

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If you've received a Traffic Complaint or Summons, contact us today for a free phone consultation where we'll discuss how we can help you fight your Ticket in court.