Post-Divorce Services

                                      When life looks different now than it did when you finalized your Divorce Agreement, you may be entitled to modify or enforce those terms through our post-judgment services.

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                                      Post-Divorce Legal Services in New Jersey


                                      When a Divorce is finalized between 2 people, each of you ultimately agree to certain conditions which are enforced anywhere from several years to sometimes decades. However, sometimes changes occur and unforeseen circumstances arise. Sometimes we can resolve these issues in mediation, but others necessitate legal actions in court in front of a judge.

                                      For example, if your former spouse is failing to abide by the terms of your divorce agreement, you may be able to hire an attorney to enforce that agreement. 

                                      Instead, perhaps changes have taken place in your own life or your former spouse's life that necessitate a modification to the terms of your agreement. Agreements might be changed in some of the following ways:

                                      • Amounts paid or received in Alimony
                                      • Time spent with Children
                                      • Child Support Agreements
                                      • Custody Agreements

                                      If none of these apply to you in your unique circumstances, other changes might be able to be enforced depending on the situation. For example, maybe you and your ex-wife or ex-husband decided you could come to an agreement on something later on and thus held off on finalizing a certain term in your Agreement, or maybe the two of you raced to finish the Agreement to bring a speedy end to your relationship and accidentally overlooked something important, like who pays for your children's college education, or which parent is responsible for buying your child a car or establishing an investment account for him or her. 

                                      While it may seem stressful to consult an attorney again following your divorce proceedings, we understand that life can take us in a variety of directions, so if your personal situation is different than it used to be when you made that agreement -- or if your former spouse's life has taken a turn -- then it would be wise to discuss the possibility of modifying or enforcing the terms of your agreement with a qualified divorce attorney. 

                                      Rest assured, changes or enforcement actions related to your Divorce Agreement are usually easier and more expedient than your original Divorce process with the assistance and guidance of an experienced divorce attorney.

                                      Enforcing your Original Agreement


                                      When your former spouse violates your Divorce Agreement

                                      An enforcement action is recommended in the following situations:

                                      • Failure to pay any amounts required by the Agreement in the timeframe in which they are required
                                      • Failure to abide by any material term of the Agreement, including any terms related to Child Custody, Parenting Time, etc.
                                      • Failure to provide Alimony or Child Support
                                      • Failure to provide insurance benefits or coverage as required in the Agreement
                                      • To enforce any specific benefit outlined in the Agreement
                                      • Any other terms you've relied upon in your initial Agreement


                                      Post-Divorce Estate Planning Considerations


                                      Why updating your Estate Plan matters...

                                      Following a Divorce, your Estate Plan should be updated to reflect the changes in your life. Failing to create a new Last Will & Testament may result in distributions of your estate in whole or in part to your former spouse, which could be against your wishes and interests and may cause strife and discord among your children and loved ones. We recommend contacting us to draft and finalize a new Estate Plan that reflects your current situation. This is especially important if you own property or an automobile, have any investments in the market, carry a balance in your bank account, possess any business interest, or maintain a retirement account of any kind.

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                                      New Jersey Family Courts we appear in regularly:

                                      Bergen County 
                                      Justice Center, Room 119
                                      10 Main Street
                                      Hackensack, NJ 07601
                                      (201) 527-2300


                                      Essex County 
                                      Family Division Dissolution Unit
                                      Wilentz Justice Complex, Room 113
                                      212 Washington Street
                                      Newark, NJ 07102
                                      (973) 693-6710


                                      Family Division Non-Dissolution Unit
                                      Wilentz Justice Complex, Room 1365
                                      212 Washington Street
                                      Newark, NJ 07012
                                      (973) 693-5560 or (973) 693-5520


                                      Hudson County
                                      Family Intake Team
                                      Administration Bldg., Room 203
                                      595 Newark Avenue
                                      Jersey City, NJ 07306
                                      (201) 795-6777


                                      Hunterdon County 
                                      Family Case Management Office
                                      Hunterdon County Justice Center
                                      65 Park Avenue
                                      Flemington, NJ 08822
                                      (908) 237-5920


                                      Mercer County
                                      Family Case Management Office
                                      175 S. Broad St., 2nd Floor
                                      P.O. Box 8068
                                      Trenton, NJ 08650-0068
                                      (609) 571-4200


                                      Middlesex County
                                      Family Part Intake Reception Team
                                      Family Courthouse
                                      120 New St., Room 111
                                      P.O. Box 2691
                                      New Brunswick, NJ 08903-2691
                                      (732) 519-3242

                                      Monmouth County
                                      Family Part, Courthouse
                                      71 Monument Park
                                      P.O. Box 1252
                                      Freehold, NJ 07728-1252
                                      (732) 677-4050


                                      Morris County
                                      Morris County Family Division
                                      Morris County Courthouse Family Intake
                                      Washington and Court Streets
                                      P.O. Box 910
                                      Morristown, NJ 07963
                                      (973) 656-4000


                                      Somerset County
                                      Family Case Management Office
                                      Courthouse, 2nd Floor
                                      P.O. Box 3000
                                      Somerville, NJ 08876-1262
                                      (908) 231-7600


                                      Sussex County
                                      Sussex County Family Division
                                      Sussex County Judicial Center
                                      43-47 High Street
                                      Newton, NJ 07860
                                      (973) 579-0630


                                      Union County
                                      Dissolution Assignment Office
                                      New Annex Bldg.; Courthouse
                                      2 Broad Street
                                      Elizabeth, NJ 07207
                                      (908) 659-3314


                                      Warren County
                                      Family Division Dissolution Unit
                                      413 Second St.;
                                      P.O. Box 900
                                      Belvidere, NJ 07823-1500
                                      (908) 475-6150