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Client Testimonials

The Simon Law Group has had the honor of representing thousands of clients in their cases. Thankfully some of those clients have reached out to let us know how thankful they are about our services. We appreciate all of the kind words we've heard about the help we've provided in other's lives. 


"Noone better"

(There are no better lawyers) to be represented by than SLG. My experience with Mr. Simon has made one of the hardest times in my life become one of the most manageable and worry-free, because of how excellent they handled my case. He is not only diligent in his findings and efforts on my case, but he has also taken the time to explain all of the facts to me with compassion to my feelings about the case. I will continue to use Mr. Simon in the future and I will continue to recommend friends and family to do the same for the best ultimate outcome and experience!"

 "Excellent Attorney!"

After 2 unsuccessful attempts in court on my own, I retained Mr. Britt Simon. This attorney is unlike all attorneys I have seen practice in NJ. He takes a personal interest in his clients. I had been in court and witnessed many attorneys for the two times I showed up on my own and none were as confident, smooth and professional as he was.

He was extremely quick, and successful in my case and was also reasonable in his charges. I am a professional working in NJ and would highly recommend his services."

"I started with a law firm that is all over the Internet. They never returned my calls, never told me what to expect, but they sent someone to my house to pick up my check. I was desperate. 

Then I found Britt. He returned my calls, explained to me what was happening and what we could expect. Then by the time we were at court the last time, all charges were dismissed. 

Afterwards I asked how he got so lucky, he told me I was the lucky one, he just did the work. How true that was. He really did spend the time and effort to get me the best result. 

Britt Simon is the best lawyer I have ever met. Thank you. - Matthew"

"Great Attorneys!"

Simon Law Group handled my divorce. Much success! Then my parents needed their wills, etc. updated so they handled that - flawless. Way to go Rachel! Then my neighbors were selling their home - Britt handled the closing - also went off without a hitch."

"Before them...Almost Lost Everything"

Was going to lose it all and then I called S.L.G...(They) changed my life. There is no other lawyer I would have now. If you have a problem, call (them). They gave me my life back... - Bankruptcy Client"

"Saved Me Big Time"

Simon Law (Group) really helped me out. Back in May I did a really stupid thing and got a DUI and blew a 1.6. After them reviewing everything and me getting an expert witness that they recommended, they ended up getting the breathalyzer thrown out. I was looking at 1-year suspension and an interlock on my car... They also got reckless, driving, careless driving, and misuse of lane thrown out, saving me thousands and a lot of points. There must have been 10 court appearances and I only attended 2, and they went to the rest without me. -Tom S."

"100 out of 100"

I was cited for careless driving due to a car accident I was in. I received several advertisement letters from attorneys, but I chose to call Mr. Simon because his letter seemed the most legitimate. My experience with his office was wonderful from the first phone call, all the way to my court date. His office staff were always pleasant and helpful."

"Saved my Job"

I was sure that I was going to (have my license revoked) but (Simon Law Group) really saved me. I would never hire anyone else. (They were) honest and did far more than I thought anyone could or would..." 

"Honest, Hard-Working, and So Smart!

The title says it all. Words don't express how good he was. Having met and hired many attorneys over the years, I can say that from now on, I won't hire anyone but Britt. - Joseph"

"5.0 Stars"

Britt handled my sister's drunk driving case which ended much better than we ever hoped. This was her second DUI and there were kids in the car which made it worse with severe penalties. Britt kept everyone calm as this was a terrible ordeal for the family. We were very glad to have him as our attorney. Highly recommend!"

"Thank you!"

I just wanted to thank you for everything you all have done for me and helping me through a rough time in my life. Thank you for all of the advice you have given me, not only throughout the case, but the life-lessons that make me appreciate great people like you. I am so thankful for all of the help you have provided me with on this stepping stone and I wish the best for you and your family! Thank you. - Laura"


These guys are tough. They made no promises. But my daughter had two DUI's and other drug related charges. They took charge and managed everything. Britt was no softie... not on the prosecutor, and not on my daughter... He got the criminal charges and the DUI's all dismissed and helped get my daughter the help she needed. I have never seen anything like it. If you have a problem in New Jersey... this is the man for you."

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