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3 Domestic Violence Myths that Most People Believe

There are a number of common misconceptions surrounding domestic violence, many of which can be harmful to victims looking to get out of their situations. The following are three of the most common misconceptions about domestic violence that many people believe and the real truth behind the myths.

  • Domestic violence is caused by alcohol. Though many DUI lawyers in Hunterdon County will tell you that there is, in fact, a high correlation between alcohol use and domestic violence, the truth is that the abuser alone is responsible for their actions. A common way that domestic abusers will attempt to dismiss their actions is by blaming alcohol. However, this is not a viable defense in court, and cessation of drinking rarely stops abuse.
  • Most domestic violence is isolated. Some believe that there is no use in seeking legal recourse because domestic violence is usually a one-time incident. The truth is that domestic violence is typically seen as a pattern of coercion and violence exerted over another person in a sequence of events using multiple types of violence and threats. Domestic violence is usually a pattern and rarely constitutes a single isolated incident.
  • Domestic violence is uncommon. National studies have estimated that three to four million women will experience domestic abuse every year, and current estimates state that one in every four women and one in every seven men will experience at least one incidence of domestic abuse in their lifetime.
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