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It's easy to think that you will be able to represent yourself when it comes to filing a claim of Social Security Disability. After all the system was created to be a source of relief for those who truly need it. You live with your disability, you know how it truly stops you from being gainfully employed. Those who are reviewing your case have only the surface facts that often don't do the disability justice.. That's just one of the reasons 70% of disability applications are denied at the starting level. What's more, many applicants miss deadlines and become lost in dealing with the bureaucracy of the social security administration. Having representation at this level, isn't imperative but it never hurts to have someone with significant experience looking over your shoulder to assemble the necessary documentation.

At the next level, the reconsideration appeal, things don't suddenly become easy. A startling 85% of claims are denied during this reconsideration.

If your appeal is denied, that's when a request for a hearing can be submitted. The time between the rejected appeal and that hearing can be well over a year. This is due to the significant backlog of files the courts are dealing with at any given moment. While you wait out this period your attorney will be maintaining your medical records and making sure there have been no pertinent changes to your condition. Many of those seeking to claim benefits are denied due to not having kept their medical records up to date.

Once you are finally given a hearing date the attorney will be trying to establish two main points. What are your functional limits? How do those functional limits govern your ability to engage in substantial gainful work activity?

To accomplish this medical experts may speak on your behalf, to better illustrate how the disability is manifesting itself day-to-day. Overall they will do what attorneys do best, argue on behalf of the best interests of their clients. Remaining unemotional, and presenting a serious argument based on medical fact will give you the best chance of winning an SSDI case. Regardless of where you are in the procedures the Simon Law Group can be reached out to for consultation.

If you are seeking representation for SSDI call today for a free consultation 800-709-1131 or fill out a contact form on our website for a no-cost consultation.We hope to hear from you today!