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Thinking of a name change

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Making the decision to change one’s name can be fraught with many decisions and worries, not least of which includes having third parties find out about this without your desire for them to do so. Under the law in New Jersey, it used to be that the decision to change your name had to be announced to the world in the local newspaper. However, the Supreme Court of New Jersey recently eliminated this hurdle.Name change lawyer

On November 17, 2020, the Supreme Court amended Rule 4:72-3 (“Notice of Application”) and 4:72-4 (“Hearing; Judgment; Publication; Filing”) so as to eliminate the requirement of newspaper publication of the notice of application and judgment granting a name change. The court changed the rule, citing the general barriers the publication requirement also imposes on self-represented litigants and litigants of limited economic means in addition to the safety and privacy concerns.

Not only does the elimination of this rule protect you from outside parties, it also eliminates a significant financial burden that you bear.

There are many reasons to change your name, but some common reasons:

- Domestic Violence

- Divorce

- Emancipation

- Identity change

If you are considering changing your name for any reason, contact Simon Law Group. Our attorneys have experience with this and other family law related matters and are ready to assist your through your legal matter. Call today 800-709-1131, text or fill out an online form.

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