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The legal limit for alcohol consumption is 21, but that doesn't mean kids won't find ways to drink. It's in a teenager's nature to rebel, against laws, their teachers, and their parents to push to the outer boundaries of breaking the rules. Not only will they find ways to drink but often they'll foolishly get behind the wheel of a car after they've been drinking.

At any age getting a DUI/DWI can be a harrowing experience that will have major repercussions on your life. There's an added sense of loss when the driver has their whole life ahead of them, that could be thrown off course with one night of partying.

In the garden state we try to protect our underage drivers at every opportunity. That's why this is a 'zero tolerance' state. Which means that if you have virtually any alcohol in your system you will be charged with an underage DUI.

While someone above the legal drinking age won't be charged with a DUI under the New Jersey legal limit of 0.08% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). If you are between 0.01% and 0.08% and below the drinking age you could be facing a possible license suspension of 30-90 days, community service and significant fines. If you are above the 0.08% the driver may be charge as an adult. Their could even be jail time involved.

The point of such harsh punishment for underage drivers is to reinforce that having a license is a privilege and not a right. Sober or drunk every time someone get's behind the wheel of a vehicle they are taking the lives of everyone else on the road into their hands. That's a lot of responsibility for a young person to have.

To avoid potentially derailing their future it's important to have an attorney with a wealth of knowledge about underage DUI's and the court system of New Jersey, with decades building relationships with judges and prosecutors. Here at the Simon Law Group we take every client seriously because we know that there is a real potential for a serious set back to your future.