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Terminated Employee can Access Personnel File

The Personnel Files Act allows any individual to view their personnel file.  In this particular case the employee was denied access to their personnel file which violates the law.  They were directed to allow access but failed to do so under the auspice that Ms. xx was no longer an employee as she was terminated approximately one week earlier.  The Act allows for a reasonable amount of time to request access to your personnel file once you've been terminated.  Access to this information can allow further insight into the reasons behind termination.

This law applies to both public and private employees.

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Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals v. Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Labor Law Compliance, No. 2275 C.D. 2014 (Pa. Commw. Ct. Jan. 6, 2016)—involving the Pennsylvania Personnel Files Act (also known as the Inspection of Employment Records Law)

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