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Don’t Look Back In Anger, When It Comes to Estate Planning

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You may believe that once you’ve completed a Will, it never again needs to cross your mind. Yet if Hurricane Harvey’s path of destruction has taught us anything, it’s that we may not get a say in our future life events. While not all sudden life changes can be avoided, there are always ways in which you can better protect yourself and your loved ones.

It’s a great time to reflect upon whether you have done all you can in the event of a sudden life changing event. A great and simple way of having an umbrella of protection over your loved ones futures is making sure you have up to date estate planning.

Much like the weather, our lives are constantly changing for better or worse. We may welcome new family members or see others depart. These situations, and a myriad others, such as family members leaving the state or suffering any sort of physical or financial disability need to become a part of your future plans.

For instance let’s say someone has been married since 1988. They had two children who they watched grow into adults with fulfilling lives. Yet, now that the kids have left the nest, a separation, and eventual divorce may occur. Many families choose to have wills done when the children are still small as a preventative measure. Had they done, this the primary beneficiary would likely have been their now ex-spouse. This may negatively impact the lives of their children.

At Simon Law Group, LLC we would recommend having your estate reviewed every few years or following particularly momentous occasions. From the latest in estate tax laws to new planning techniques, we view every advance as a new opportunity to help. Our estate planning attorneys are always on the lookout for new and better ways to assist you in protecting your future.

If you are seeking to create or amend a will or for estate planning call today for a free consultation 800-709-1131 or fill out a contact form on our website for a no-cost consultation. We hope to hear from you today!