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Gov. Christie Signs “Life-Saving” Record Expungement Bills

Here at the Simon Law Group, our lawyers are ready to assist Somerville residents with indictable offenses and record expungements. Continue below to find out how record expungements are becoming easier to claim.

On Wed., Dec. 20, Gov. Chris Christie signed three bills, which he deemed "life-saving,” that change the way New Jersey's criminal record expungement system operates. The bills, which were approved by the Democratic legislature in early December, were created to remove obstructions for past offenders by decreasing waiting times for record expungements and bolstering the state's "Ban the Box" law.

The Governor said, "These bills represent second chances . . . for folks going through our criminal justice system. Expungement has to be . . . available for those who have earned it and deserve it, and this legislation will allow people to get that."

1. S-3306 strengthens the "Ban the Box" law that Christie enacted three years ago. It prohibits employers from inquiring about a job candidate's criminal record, including an expunged record. This bill allows the applicant to provide their history instead of being judged beforehand.

2. S-3307 lessens the waiting period for applying for expungement from 10 years to six while allowing someone to apply for up to four offenses, opposed to three, to be expunged that occurred "within a short timeframe" if the person hasn't been convicted of another offense. Furthermore, the bill decreases the eligibility waiting period for someone to apply for expungement if his or her only obstacle remaining is the payment of a fine or restitution.

3. S-3308 shortens the waiting period from five years to three for young adults to expunge their juvenile record.

Christie was joined at the bill signing by many Democratic bill sponsors including Sen. Sandra Cunningham, of whom he gave explicit praise to, referring to her as a friend since his time as U.S. Attorney in 2002. Having worked with her over the past year on these bills, he said the legislation have Cunningham's "fingerprints all over it,” and that it, “could not have been done without her perseverance and her persistence.”

In a joint statement, the sponsors said minor offenses shouldn’t lead to a lifetime of punishment and that these new laws grant past offenders with the opportunity to make positive strides and reclaim their lives.

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