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Rein of terror ends today

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scous_sealToday in a 6-3 decision, Justice Clarence Thomas delivered the opinion of the court that the New York law, which restricted the ability of law-abiding citizens to carry a gun outside their home was invalid and a violation of people’s 2nd Amendment Right.  Now being on notice of this decision, New Jersey must adhere to the court’s decision.  The court made clear that this decision applies to law-abiding citizens and not to individuals targeted by red flag laws and felons. New Jersey native, Justice Alito, wrote a concurring opinion pointing out that the now invalidated New York law has done nothing to eliminate gun violence and as such was ineffective in providing protection to the people. A rambling dissent by Justice Byer addressed nothing with regard to law or safety benefits to the citizens of the invalidated New York law and effectively demonstrated only his and two other liberal Justices indefensible, incoherent and emotional connection to belief that removing an individual's right to self-protection will make the world a safer place. Justice Bryer is just plain wrong.  The gun is the great equalizer.  It provides otherwise would be victims a protection against criminals that would do them harm. Likewise, Criminals, as they have always been, are still prohibited from having guns.   What this decision does, is make clear, that law abiding citizens now have the ability to not be victims. Liberals will cry foul; Conservatives will rejoice but criminals will remember today as the day their reign of terror ended.