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The Deadline to appeal your property taxes is April 1st, so make sure you are aware of whether or not you qualify, it could save you thousands of dollars.

New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the country, and that is not looking to change anytime soon. While the old saying is true that nothing is certain but death and taxes, those taxes often don’t need to be such a painful burden on resident’s wallets. A property tax appeal isn't for everyone, even though many of us have bills that seem like they're a mistake.

Property tax is calculated by the tax rate multiplied by the assessed value of the property. While this tax rate can’t be changed, the property assessment can be appealed. A good property tax attorney will be able to sit down with a homeowner and review all the pertinent information to determine if there has been any mistakes. For instance if there's been an incorrect determination of your square footage or even if the number of rooms has been miscounted. The tax records of other homes in your area will also be examined to determine the similarity or difference between properties. If the property is assessed at 15% or more lower than the market value, you should consider filing for an appeal.

Our property tax attorneys are ready to review all of the information to file an appeal on your behalf and to fight before the tax board to have them reduced.

If you are seeking representation or review or your property tax matters call today for a free consultation 800-709-1131 or fill out a contact form on our website for a no-cost consultation.We hope to hear from you today!