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What It Means to Be on NJ’s Child Abuse Registry

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After the conclusion of a DCPP or DYFS investigation, they will have 60 days to tell you the results in a letter. If the investigator finds that there is cause to conclude the case as substantiated, which means that there is clear evidence of abuse or neglect. You will be entered into the New Jersey Child Abuse Registry.

If the DCCP find that there was only enough evidence to label the case as established, your name will not go into the registry but they will keep it on file. Should they have reason to reopen the case there’s a very good chance they will change the outcome to substantiate the abuse.

Although the Registry is confidential it is accessible by some employers, some jobs require a background check with the CARI unit, or the New Jersey state run organization that maintains the database and background check requests. The majority of the positions that require CARI background checks are unsurprisingly those that require close proximity to child, the elderly or otherwise vulnerable. Many of these positions are in the fields of health and education. However any employer can contact the CARI unit should they wish to discuss having a check run.

Aside from the loss of a potential job, if you find yourself placed on the database you will be ineligible for fostering children or adapting.

Once you’re on the register, you still have options to fight to get off.

First you should contact an experienced family lawyer to discuss the possibilities moving forward.

If within twenty days of the DCPP’s finding of substantiation you decide to fight the ruling, you can file for an appeal hearing. In rare instances the DCPP may choose to drop the substantiation before the appeal process can begin but that is a rare outcome.

Much like in appeals for other crimes, this can be a long process requiring a significant amount of work for both you and your attorney.

With the potential outcome being having your name removed from the Child Abuse Registry it’s very much worth it to try and exhaust every outcome of fighting it. This is your life and this can affect your future.

If you are seeking representation for a family law case or are being investigated by the DCPP, call today for a free consultation 800-709-1131 or fill out a contact form on our website for a no-cost consultation. We hope to hear from you today!

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