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Workers Compensation: When You Need a Lawyer

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Accidents happen, it's one of life's unfortunate truisms. Accidents also happen in our workplaces even with every precaution in place. Just sitting behind a desk on a keyboard all day there is a potential, however slight, to be injured as a result of your employment.

After an injury, it’s important to remember your rights, and the situations where a lawyer may need to be brought onto your side to help you receive what is rightfully owed. In some circumstances you are able to represent yourself in the workers compensation procedures. If you have missed nearly no work, have no existing preconditions, and your employer does not dispute your claim, there should be few roadblocks in your ability to represent yourself. However with anything that could potentially change your future, we would always advise that you reach out to an attorney with serious worker’s comp practice history to make sure that you’re not being underrepresented.

If you’ve always considered yourself a good employee, you may feel totally secure that if something happened to you, you’d be protected. However, your employer’s insurance company will most likely not see it so simply and may drag you through an arduous worker's comp court process. The more complicated the case, the better the chances you'll need an attorney to help you unravel it.

There are also other reasons that you may not be able to represent yourself. An attorney will be able to tell you if your settlement is going to cover all your lost wages and medical bills. Even though all settlements require judicial approval, that’s still no guarantee you’re getting a fair deal. The only guarantee would be having someone with knowledge fight on your behalf.

Medical issues may be preventing you from returning to your prior job. Hopefully this is only a very rare exception, but you may need lifetime support (or a onetime lump sum.) In this instance the insurance companies are going to fight you tooth and nail, as always, to save money. A good attorney will be able to better interpret the medical data, attempting this sort of case alone is definitely not something we or any attorney’s office would recommend.

If you are seeking representation for a worker's compensation related matter, call today for a free consultation 800-709-1131 or fill out a contact form on our website for a no-cost consultation.We hope to hear from you today!