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                                      Workers Compensation

                                      Volunteer Firefighter seeks Worker’s Compensation

                                      The New Jersey Workers' Compensation act has a pretty liberal definition of who qualifies as an...

                                      Workers Compensation: When You Need a Lawyer

                                      Accidents happen, it's one of life's unfortunate truisms. Accidents also happen in our workplaces...

                                      Terrified Teacher Will Have Her Day in High Court

                                                  A teacher, who says she’s suffered P.T.S.D. after 3 students became verbally and...

                                      Are Injured Workers Becoming Addicted to Prescriptions

                                      Are Doctors Over Prescribing Pain Medication to Injured Workers?

                                      Take Notes - Your Workers Comp Claim Depends on it

                                      The Importance of Properly Documenting Your Workplace Injuries

                                      By: Michael Gorny, Esq.

                                      NJ Workplace Injury Answers

                                      Workplace Injury -  Q & A

                                      By Lydia Rich

                                      NJ Workers' Compensation: The Future

                                      TeamCOMP”:  An inside look at how the Insurance Companies view your work-related injuries


                                      NJ Workers' Compensation, Telemedicine is coming

                                      “Going to the Doctor” May Eventually be a Thing of the Past

                                      By Michael Gorny, Esq.

                                      Workers' Compensation Law & Alcohol

                                      Drinking on the Job: Workers’ Compensation Benefits Eligibility When Alcohol is in Play

                                      By Michael...

                                      Second Hand Smoke Can Be Considered Workers' Compensation

                                      Exposure to Second Hand Smoke and Workers' Compensation