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Are Injured Workers Becoming Addicted to Prescriptions

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workers_comp_pain_killers_blog_umbrellaAre Doctors Over Prescribing Pain Medication to Injured Workers?

A recent revocation of a New Jersey physician’s license, Dr. Adam Gilliss, brings to light a recurring problem in the medical community; The over-prescription of addictive pain killers. Dr. Gilliss, a physician who was based in Merchantville, New Jersey was cited for gross negligence and professional misconduct, relating to providing prescriptions for narcotic pain killers to patients for years at a time, without evaluating dependency risks or making reasonable efforts to lessen dosage or recommend alternatives.

While such stories of over-prescription and reliance on painkillers can be a cautionary lesson for other doctors, it can also be an important lesson for injured workers. Injured workers in New Jersey are often referred to pain management groups and are commonly prescribed narcotic pain killers. These pain killers serve an important function, particularly for high levels of pain, however they should not be relied upon for long term care. While most doctors are vigilant in assessing that their patients do not become addicted to painkillers, there are doctors who do not do as good a job ensuring the safety of their patients, as it was determined by the Physicians Board in their review of Dr. Gilliss’ actions.

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