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3 Things to Know about DUIs this Summer

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Summer has arrived, and with it comes the season where the most DUI’s occur. People who are looking for a criminal lawyer in Flemington, NJ will be pleased with the dedication that we put into each case for our clients.


Here at Simon Law Group, we have a proven track record of getting our clients back on their feet. In fact, in most cases, our attorneys are able to dismantle the prosecutor’s case and completely avoid a DUI on your record. A DUI charge can bring added stress to your life, which is already busy, but our goal is to protect your reputation within society.


Now that we know that the summertime brings the most DUI charges, it is important to be aware of what exactly can land you in the back of a police car for DUI. Some examples include:


Be Careful at Parties - The warm weather means that more parties, graduations and holidays are happening. If you are driving, be careful of how much you are drinking. There is nothing worse than leaving a celebration and getting arrested because you weren’t careful with how much you drank.


A Few Drinks Can Lead to a DUI - Most of our clients had just one or two drinks at dinner or a party when they were charged with DUI. Even though you might feel sober, in some cases, this can lead to you being charged with DUI.


Call an Uber - Calling an Uber following a party is a wise option for your safety and the safety of others on the road. As we mentioned above, getting behind the wheel with a few drinks in your system can end in disaster.


Processing Alcohol Differently - According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, men and women process alcohol differently. Women end up with higher concentrations of alcohol in the blood and become more impaired than men after having the same amount to drink.


Clearly, there are many different activities that can lead to you getting a DUI this summer, but it is always smart to be aware of what you can do to avoid one. If you are driving, it is essential to be aware that you could be charged with DUI even if you aren’t drunk. If your blood alcohol level is at or above .08 percent, then you are considered legally impaired.


Here, at Simon Law Group, our lawyers have attended trainings on breathalyzers and will never hit clients with additional, hidden fees. Some lawyers will claim to have more experience than others with certain breathalyzers and use that information to promote themselves. This is something to watch with other lawyers, as they also tend to offer low rates before charging additional fees at a critical part of your investigation.


If you need a criminal lawyer in Readington, NJ, we have an award-winning staff that is dedicated to providing high-quality legal services to our clients. For more information, give us a call at 855-370-5359 or visit