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Spring is finally arriving in New Jersey, and with it comes an upswing in the amount of DUI's/DWI's throughout the state. People enjoying the weather at pools and barbecues or down along NJ's gorgeous coastline, have been known to forget their limits in the face of a good time. We hope that no one ever has to experience the serious ramifications of a DUI. From potential loss of license to jail time, it can change your entire life in an instant. However the DUI itself, a 39:4-50 violation isn't the only charge that you may have to face.

When the police have a suspicion that someone has been drinking and driving, it usually stems from pulling over the car for some other infraction. For instance if a police car is observing you swerving all over the road, they may ultimately give you a ticket for a DUI but they'll also give you a ticket for initially 'failing to observe traffic lane's.' If once stopped the officer notices you may be intoxicated he'll have you perform a field sobriety test. If you are unable to perform the usually three part test he'll have you arrested for Drinking under the influence

Often it's a charge of lesser severity. 'Unsafe lane change' is a violation we see all the time, so is 'careless driving.' 'Careless driving' is a sort of catch-all violation for New Jersey law enforcement. The more serious version of the charge, 'reckless driving' is also associated with DUI's. The difference between careless and reckless is that in charge of reckless driving, the driver acted with intent. Where the lesser charge is 2 points on your license, 'reckless driving' carries with it 5 potential points.

Unsurprisingly the additional charge that is most often associated with a DUI/DWI is speeding.

So as spring soon enough turns to summer and we all long to be outdoors. Remember that with every drink there comes the additional risk of not only a DUI but a multitude of other charges.

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