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Summer heat is descending on the garden state in full force. Alongside the temperature is the rising amount of DUI/DWI Checkpoints that are going to be slowing down your commute. Officially called, sobriety checkpoints, the number of these stops have been steadily increasing since 1990.

The police see the checkpoints as an important tactic in the war to make NJ drivers safer. The more cynical see them as a thinly veiled cash grab. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, they're a reality of life here. For that reason, here are a few things to remember when you are faced with going through one.

You will know in advance where the checkpoints are going to be. This means that if you do your due diligence you will be able to avoid the traffic slowdown the checkpoints cause altogether.

Don't panic. If you're going to try and avoid the checkpoint, make sure to do so legally. Making an illegal U-turn or speeding off down a side street are only going to cause you further headaches... It will also obviously seem suspicious.

Finally, it's all luck of the draw. When choosing which cars to interact with the police will more than likely simply count off every few vehicles. There's nothing you can do to change the count.

Remember that as long as you're not drinking there shouldn't be anything to worry about when it comes to checkpoints aside from the inconvenience of it. If for whatever reason you find yourself being arrested during a New Jersey DUI/DWI checkpoint the very first call you should be making is to a trusted experienced attorney with explicit knowledge about this sort of case.

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