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4 Critical Aspects of Family Law

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If you’re not sure whether or not you should file for divorce, you should contact our team of family law, criminal and DUI lawyers serving Bridgewater, NJ, and beyond. We can provide you with legal advice and make sure you’re safe from inappropriate behavior such as predatory practices from the person you are divorcing or their lawyers. Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek assistance.

Read below to learn about some key aspects regarding family law such as child custody, child support, alimony and equitable distribution.

Child Custody

Custody provisions in New Jersey include legal custody and residential custody. Legal custody resolves how your child will be raised along with deciding on schooling, religious training, etc. Residential custody, on the other hand, dictates who your child will live with and a parenting schedule.

Child Support

Determining the amount of money each parent will pay for their children falls under child support. The amount comes from a formula found in the New Jersey Rules of Court that is based on each of their incomes as well as overnight parenting time. Although many believe that child support is a right that belongs to the residential parent, it actually belongs to the child and is typically paid until the child is emancipated.


The monetary support that one party pays to another after a divorce is called alimony. There are two types: open durational alimony and limited duration alimony. Both the payer and receiving spouse are no longer allowed to depend on an alimony award lasting the entire duration of the marriage, unless, however, the marriage lasted for more than 20 years. Only in that instance would a receiving spouse receive open durational alimony.

Equitable Distribution

In a divorce, there must be a fair and equitable distribution of both assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage. That does not necessarily mean that it’s actually equal, although in some cases, it may be. Equitable distribution covers assets and liabilities like vehicles, furniture, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, pension plans, tax-deferred plans, mortgages, credit card debt and more.

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