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A Quick Guide to Navigating a Heroin Possession Charge

If you've been charged with a count of heroin possession, the most important thing to know is that you're not alone, every year, thousands of New Jersey residents are charged with possession of heroin. Understanding the charges that you will likely face is the first step to getting through your drug charge.


The specific charges that you will face will depend on the amount of heroin that was in your possession when you were arrested. The amount of heroin recovered from you and your possessions during your arrest will dictate the degree of your charge on a scale of third to first degree, with first degree charges carrying the heaviest fines and penalties. It will also dictate whether you are charged with simple possession or intent to distribute; the packaging of the drug and other items found in your possession, including Ziploc bags and a standard drug scale, can also shift your charge into an intent to distribute charge.


When you are charged with possession of heroin, the charges you will face can range from being issued up to $35,000 in fines and imprisonment up to five years. While this is the maximum sentence and fine for a third-degree heroin possession charge, the specific fines and jail time you will face will heavily depend on your behavior, whether or not this is your first charge and the skill of your attorney.


It is highly recommended that you seek assistance from a second-degree criminal lawyer in NJ, as they frequently have much more experience helping to navigate drug charges and can assist you in getting the most lenient sentence possible. Our legal team provides representation for clients dealing with offenses of all degrees.


A criminal lawyer from Simon Law Group can help a client in Somerville with expungement of their first drug charges following the completion of drug court and court-ordered therapy.


The process of going through a drug charge will highly depend on choosing the right attorney. If you've been charged with possession of heroin, calling Simon Law Group should be the first step on your list.


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