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It can often feel like modern life is the constant search for more time to spend on the things we're passionate about. That's why many people choose to avoid an often frustrating payday trip to the bank by having their earnings directly deposited into their bank accounts. For those who collect child support, they too have the option of having the payor or obligor (meaning the spouse paying out the support) submit money into a predetermined bank account of the obligee (the spouse receiving the support). Aside from the convenience of having the money sent without a middle authority, this may save the payor from having their employer become involved in personal matters. But there are downsides like accountability. 

Direct payments will most likely not be a good option unless there is a certain level of amicability between spouses in the child support decision. It would be unwise to put your faith monetarily into someone you have strained relations with. This is important because should you decide to go through direct deposit you will be responsible for keeping track of the money received. For some, it can be an added layer of stress to maintain those records. You will also be limited in resources should the payor not follow through on his commitments.

The other option in receiving child support is through the state's Probation Department. This is going to be the court's default position. This is a third party that will usually collect the money directly from the employer of the obligor. There are several benefits to having them act as a middle man. Besides all of the tracking, maintaining and overseeing disbursement of the money, the Probation Department can take several actions to ensure the money is being paid. These actions can include the seizing of tax refunds, suspending a license and should more than $5,000 be owed they may be refused a passport.

Both processes have their ups and downs that are situation specific. As stated earlier with the direct deposit you maintain a larger amount of control but lose the oversight of a third party.

Like any institution, government or otherwise, mistakes can and occasionally do happen. That's why with either option, you should be keeping your own records to ensure you're receiving or sending the correct amount of child support. Being proactive is key.

There are a multitude of factors that go into determining the best path to fairness when it comes to child support payments. These factors will not remain static. You can in most cases go from direct pay to probation and vice versa, however sometimes depending on the reliability of the other person the court may be hesitant to make the change from Probation to direct pay.

Meeting and discussing your options with a family attorney can have real benefits in the long run, saving you from the worries that so many families feel when it comes to child support. We at the Simon Law Group are standing by to consult and help in anyway we can. Let our experience be your lifeline.

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