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Child Endangerment

Child Support Through Direct Pay or Probation, Which Works for You?

It can often feel like modern life is the constant search for more time to spend on the things...

How to prepare for a DCPP/DYFS Dodd Hearing in NJ

If the DCPP comes into your home and has reason to suspect abuse or neglect is taking place, they...

The Four Conclusions In a DCPP/DYFS Investigation

Last week, I wrote about the sort of things you may experience when the DCPP begins an investigation

What a DCPP Investigation Looks Like

If there is one state entity whose name carries with it controversy and strong opinions, it’s the...

Supreme Court’s Landmark Ruling in Child Relocation

A standard of New Jersey family law was overturned on Tuesday in a unanimous decision. For sixteen...

Is Leaving Child in Car Child Abuse? NJ Courts Decide

You can't get it both ways. The Supreme Court of New Jersey said if the damages are actual, then...