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Injured Workers in New Jersey May be Entitled to Temporary Benefits

Injured Workers in New Jersey may be Entitled to Temporary Benefits

Workers injured on the job in New Jersey who miss more than 7 days of work due to their injury are

entitled to receive Temporary Disability Benefits, which under certain circumstances may be up to 70%

of their wages. If a medical provider does not believe the worker should return to work, notification

from the medical provider should be sent to the employer to allow the worker to receive such benefits.

In some instances, an employer may refuse to pay these benefits to an injured worker, even with a

doctor’s decision that the injured worker should not return to work for a period of time. If that is

the situation, the injured worker needs to file a motion in front of a Worker’s Compensation Judge to

determine if the worker should be receiving such benefits.

Although an injured worker may be receiving temporary benefits and not be able to return to work,

does not necessarily mean the employer must keep the employee. Depending on the size or length of

time of your previous employment, the employer may be required to keep the employee for 12 weeks.

This issue often depends on the internal policies of the employer and many times larger employers

protect their employees with policies to hold their jobs for longer periods of time.

To best protect their legal rights, it is always recommended that an injured worker contact an attorney

with knowledge of the New Jersey Worker’s Compensation system to ensure they are treated fairly.

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