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NJ Workers' Compensation, Telemedicine is coming

“Going to the Doctor” May Eventually be a Thing of the Past

By Michael Gorny, Esq.

As communication technology rapidly changes and improves,the future of medical treatment may be completely different than how we receive medical treatment.  Recently, a movement towards “Telemedicine,” is slowly gaining traction, especially in states with large rural populations.  Telemedicine, in a nutshell, is the consultation with a medical professional over video or other communication devices.  Such consultations may even involve the transmission of vital signs and tests electronically for review by the medical professional.

While we are a long way from never having to physically go to the doctor, some states are legislating how telemedicine is provided and requiring insurance companies to pay for it when it is necessary.  One state, Nevada, has even implanted telemedicine into its workers’ compensation law, allowing evaluations and exams of workers injured on the job.  New Jersey has pending legislation involving telemedicine, however at this time it does not involve telemedicine for injured workers.  

These cutting edge laws provide a glimpse into the future of medical treatment and how workers compensation benefits may be radically changed.  However, in its current form, New Jersey’s workers compensation process is often slow moving and requires communication with insurance companies and travelling for medical examinations and treatment.  For these reasons, it is very important to have an attorney who is experienced in workers’ compensation in New Jersey to help you through the process. 

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