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The Simon Law Group is committed to improving our communities at every level. Whether it's donating our time to Meals on Wheels or helping to fund local events, the Simon Law Group is interested in pitching in. This includes donating to other institutions doing great work.

Unfortunately domestic violence reaches people in every strata of the population. Sometimes those people have no other recourse but to escape and seek the help of trained professionals. There are many places throughout New Jersey for refuge to be sought if you are in such a situation. We recently had the opportunity to donate to one of them, New Brunswick's Women Aware. Our paralegals, were lucky enough to speak with Brianna who told them of the many fantastic services Women's Aware can provide to those in need.

These are some of the main services that Women's Aware provides, but in no way all of them.

Hotline - Whether you are in need of immediate counseling or are looking for a referral service, their 24-hour hotline will be able to assist you. It can be reached (732) 249-4504.

Housing - This is a strictly confidential service that can allow for temporary or permanent supportive housing that can help those displaced find a path forward.

Counseling - Domestic violence effects everyone that comes into contact with it, and counseling can be a fantastic way to find help dealing with that damage.

We'd recommend reaching out to one of the many services throughout the state if you or anyone you know is in a situation where domestic violence is suspected. The Simon Law Group has attorneys ready for consultation should you need any legal advice concerning these issues.

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