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Social Security Disability Fund In Trouble

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ssd_social_security_disability_claimCongressional Inaction Endangers Social Security Disability Trust Fund

New Jersey boasts more than 230,000 recipients of social security disability recipients. New, dire warnings from the trustees of the fund warn that, unless Congress acts soon, the money may run out. Or, just as serious, recipients’ checks will be diminished by 19% - a very real and serious cut in benefits that may have a ripple effect in the lives of our most-vulnerable.

The Social Security Administration released a message advising of the impeding financial crisis. The SSA has urged lawmakers to act quickly and responsibly to protect disability benefits. You may view this message here.

The Simon Law Group shares this grave concern. We urge all current and potential SSD and SSI claimants to contact their congressperson to demand he or she take immediate action and show real, lasting leadership on this crucial issue. If you know the name of your Congressional Representatives, please contact them immediately.

You can find the name and contact information of your Representative and you Senator here.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your social security disability benefits, or to see if you qualify for beenfits, contact Simon Law Grooup at 800-7091131 today for your free consultation. You may also email us at or at