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For many the holiday season is the happiest time of year. Family and friends come together to celebrate another year's passing. While there's nothing wrong with enjoying the festivities. Some will inevitably be getting a little too holly jolly and then getting behind the wheel of a car. This is in part why alcohol related accidents increase as much as 10% during the holiday season.

From now through January you may be seeing an increased presence on the roads of police officers because of this uptick in accidents. There will be 153 towns around the garden state that will see an increase in police. This is part of the countrywide "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" initiative. Until the 2018's conclusion it will include numerous sobriety check-points and saturation patrols. The ultimate goal of these actions are to raise awareness of the dangers of DUI's and increase the volume of conversation surrounding the topic.

During the last 5 years more than 38,000 accidents in New Jersey happened in part because of alcohol related impairment. This also includes 700 fatalities. In 2017, 20% of all motor vehicle related fatalities were DUI/DWI related. On a nationwide scale 10,000 deaths involved alcohol. Many of those reading this article have had their lives touched by someone drinking and driving. There are costs not only to the lives of those involved but the societal costs are estimated to be around $37 billion dollars annually.

The law enforcement agencies involved in this operation have provided some tips while navigating this holiday season. It includes making sure you don't let someone else get behind the wheel of a car if you've witnessed them drinking and making sure to use ride share companies like Uber and Lyft if you plan on drinking. If you spend a little time planning ahead you shouldn't be forced into a difficult decision when it comes to your safety and the safety of everyone else on the road.

If you find yourself charged with a DUI/DWI make sure to have the experience of a dedicated DUI/DWI attorney. The state of New Jersey takes these offenses very seriously and should you be found guilty it can affect your entire life. Don't let yourself go into the new year without calling the Simon Law Group to discuss your options with a free consultation.

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