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NJ Laws on Whistleblower and Employee Protection Act

By Steven Keppler, Esq.

Federal and New Jersey law protect employees from retaliation by employers for going public with violations of the law.
Recently, in a story that made national headlines, a food and beverage manager in Kansas City revealed the KC Royals knowingly served expired food to spectators and fans of the Fall Classic.  Jon Costa, formerly employed by a major, US-based food service provider, was put on administrative leave after an ESPN "Outside the Lines" expose was published on detailing bugs, mold, and expired food were served during the 2014 World Series at Kansas City's Kaufman Stadium. At the time, Costa alleged he's spent months trying to get senior management to address the reported issues without success.
Costa was subjected to an adverse employment action - he was retaliated against for bringing to light some very serious allegations about his company's interactions with the public.  Moreover, Costa brought those allegations to senior management first, but was ignored. Only after alerting public health officials and the media was action taken by his employer...and that action was to silence him and ultimately terminate him.

If you feel you are being retaliated against by your employer after advising management of potentially illegal activities at the workplace, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit under New Jersey's Conscientious Employee Protection Act or the various whistleblower protections enforced by OSHA.  Contact the Simon Law Group today to discuss your case.  You have rights.  Protect them.

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