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If you've been granted either parole or probation it may feel like you're getting off easy. However that's not always the case, and often the conditions set for your release are very strict. Even minor violations of the agreement can mean you serve the maximum sentence for the underlying crime. It's another area where the skill and experience of the Simon Law Group can help.

The purpose of probation in New Jersey is to give lower risk offenders the opportunity to serve a sentence (1-5 years) in the community and not behind bars. As it is for lesser offenses the conditions of the probation are less but still important. They can include fines, regular check-in's with a probation officer, and drug screenings.

Parole is far more serious, and is a conditional release from prison determined by a board of fifteen members with three alternates. The inmate must show through a hearing that they are going to be able to return to the community and have no immediate threat of recidivism. Similar to probation they are also subject to fines, employment criteria, or electronic monitoring.

It's difficult to imagine anyone purposefully breaking their parole when it's the thing keeping them out in the world. Yet, it still happens, maybe not through malicious behavior but due to circumstances like ongoing addiction or even a simple missed appointment. When one of these events occurs, people will often find themselves at the mercy of either a parole or a probation violation hearing. Like the lesser charges that separate probation and parole, a probation violation hearing is often less intense than a parole violation hearing. Thankfully for both you will be allowed to have an attorney represent you. Their job will be not to argue the original charges or convince the overseeing officer not to recommend rescinding the parole/probation. They'll primarily be seeking to convince the judge that the violation was either a single mistake and not part of some larger pattern or that the violation wasn't worth sending the person back to prison or revoking probation.

Due to the limited nature of the violation hearing's it's imperative to enter with the depth of knowledge and reasoning abilities to have a fighting chance to stay free. We at the Simon Law Group have those attributes in spades not to mention a multitude more.

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