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Laura Simon

NJ Discrimination sent to Arbitration

On July 23, a NJ appeals court ruled that the discrimination claims filed by three former Ernst &...

NJ Workplace Injury Answers

Workplace Injury -  Q & A

By Lydia Rich

NJ Workers' Compensation: The Future

TeamCOMP”:  An inside look at how the Insurance Companies view your work-related injuries


NJ Workers' Compensation, Telemedicine is coming

“Going to the Doctor” May Eventually be a Thing of the Past

By Michael Gorny, Esq.

Workers' Compensation Law & Alcohol

Drinking on the Job: Workers’ Compensation Benefits Eligibility When Alcohol is in Play

By Michael...

Second Hand Smoke Can Be Considered Workers' Compensation

Exposure to Second Hand Smoke and Workers' Compensation

NJ Criminal Law: Marital Privilege One Step Further

One step closer to approval

If you have been charged with a criminal act in New Jersey, Call today...