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The Major Consequences of DUI’s for Minors

A sobering new study shows that 17 percent of fatal car accidents involve underage drivers. This is...

Knowing Your Employment Rights Securing a Future

A few generations ago it was the normal to work your whole life in a single field or career. The...

A Class above the Rest: Getting to Know Schedule I Narcotics

Opiate addiction has become a massive epidemic in this country, with little signs of it slowing...

Why Do People Choose the Simon Law Group, LLC?

Whether it’s a ticket for going a few miles over the speed limit or assembling your will, your...

Juvenile Sentencing in Question

Juvenile Sentencings has New Jersey Questioning the System

Latest on medical marijuana

State and Federal laws have Medical Marijuana patients and providers in limbo

Handguns & High-beams: Gun-toting Suspect Cleared on Technicality

Bright lights not enough to warrant traffic stop

Jail time for consensual sex with adult student

Jail time for teachers having consensual sex with adult students?