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So You Want A Divorce… Part V & Finale

So You Want A Divorce… Part IV

So You Want A Divorce… Part III

So You Want A Divorce… Part II

So You Want A Divorce… Part I

Divorce Lawyers that help you achieve

Holiday Crime - Fact or Fiction

The Fact About Alimony in New Jersey

Aging Parents, Power of Attorney vs. Guardianship

Divorce and Child Custody – What is your motivation

Welcome John Kelleher, Esq., Family Law Attorney

Welcome Allison Madden, Esq. Family Law Attorney

Summer Bummers: DUI Rates in the Summer Months

Divorce and Summer Breaks for Children

Increased Police "UDrive. UText. UPay"

Supreme Court of NJ Ready to Hear Case That Could Change Rules of Evidence in Debt Collection

Going All in On Alimony

The Unintended Effects On Special Needs Children During Divorce

No Tax Relief for Alimony Payments in the New Year

For the New Year, More Police in More Than 100 Towns Around NJ

As the Year Comes to a Close, Expect A Bigger Police Presence on the Roads

Things You May Not Realize About Domestic Violence

New Jersey Supreme Court Rules, 20,000 plus DUI/DWI Convictions Could be Overturned

Where There's A Will, There's A Way... To Protect Your Assets After Death

Child Support Through Direct Pay or Probation, Which Works for You?

Simon Law Group Proud to Donate to Women Aware

'Irreconcilable Differences' is New Jersey's No Fault Divorce

Pendente Lite Support Can Be Life Support During A Divorce

Disability Discrimination Suit Concerning Medical Marijuana Tossed By Judge

The Fight For Legalization Heats Up, and How It May Affect You

Vehicular Manslaughter, When Intention Is Everything

Lifting Yourself out of Shoplifting Charges

Prolific DUI/DWI Attorney Britt J. Simon, Receives Additional Training

Know About the DUI/DWI Field Sobriety Tests Heating Up This Summer

A Quick Reminder About DUI/DWI Checkpoints

Driving After A DUI Suspension

Underage and Over the Limit in NJ

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Sports Betting

Police Scandal Vacates Over 1,500 Drug Cases

Parental Alienation and How to Respond

Murphy Pushes for Marijuana Legalization but Arrests Remain the Same

What to Know About Legal Child Custody in NJ

Implied Consent: Knowing Your Rights

NJ Supreme Court Chief Justice Issues Warning After Municipal Missteps

Additional Tickets You May Get When Charged with a DUI

Free Estate Planning Seminar May 17, 2018 6:30 PM Scotch Plains

How An Attorney Can Help You Make Sense of the SSDI Process

Probation and Parole Violations in NJ

Report Suggests Lowering Alcohol Legal Limit and More In Hopes of Saving Lives

Gov. Murphy Outlines Changes to Medicinal Marijuana Program

Volunteer Firefighter seeks Worker’s Compensation

Domestic Abuse and Restraining Orders: What You Need to Know

4 Critical Aspects of Family Law

Man Seeks to Have Charges Overturned Because the Law Doesn’t Factor in Alcoholism

The Deadline for Property Tax Appeals is Close!

How to prepare for a DCPP/DYFS Dodd Hearing in NJ

Getting out From Under Debt’s Thumb with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

What You Need to Know about Weapon & Firearm Charges

You've Been Pulled Over and You've Been Drinking, What Happens Next?

What You Missed at the Simon Law Group Estate Planning Seminar

What It Means to Be on NJ’s Child Abuse Registry

Filing for Pendente Lite Relief in NJ

The Two Things Prosecutors Need to Prove for a Burglary Charge

Free Estate Planning Seminar February, 15, 2018 6:30 PM Scotch Plains

Gov. Christie Signs “Life-Saving” Record Expungement Bills

DCPP/DYFS Review and Permanency Hearings: The Five Outcomes

The Four Major New Jersey Courts

Workers Compensation: When You Need a Lawyer

Litigation: Much More Than a Courtroom Drama

Careless vs. Reckless Driving: What You Need to Know

Trust Us to Tell You About Living Trusts

New Jersey Conducts Immigration Sweep throughout State

NJ Set to Argue Easing of Alcotest Procedures

New Jersey Says No to Drinking and Droning

The Real Cost of Holiday Intoxicated Driving

2nd and 3rd DUI Offense in New Jersey, What to Know

NJ Appeals Court Orders Marijuana Classification Be Examined

How a Civil Reservation Works

Trial Judge’s Added Conditions Cause Malpractice Suit to Be Thrown Out

Arrests of Undocumented Immigrants Are Soaring

NJ State Attorney General Files Suit against Opioid Manufacturer

NJ Lemon Laws: How Not To Get Stuck in Neutral With A Faulty Vehicle

What is the Difference Between a Disorderly Person’s Offense and an Indictable Offense?

What You Need to Know Before Filing For Medical Malpractice

Frequently Asked Traffic FAQ's

Expand Your Possibilities, Petition for an Expungement

Navigating the Foreclosure Process

NJ School District Proposes Random Drug Checks

Looking Back at the Landmark Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986

The Four Conclusions In a DCPP/DYFS Investigation

What a DCPP Investigation Looks Like

The Major Consequences of DUI’s for Minors

You've Been Fired, What's Next?

3 Domestic Violence Myths that Most People Believe

Toys’R Us Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, What That Means

Knowing Your Employment Rights Securing a Future

Terrified Teacher Will Have Her Day in High Court

How Millennials are Changing Prenuptial Perception

A Class above the Rest: Getting to Know Schedule I Narcotics

Why Do People Choose the Simon Law Group?

Where is the equality in ‘Equitable’ Distribution?

A Split NJ Appeals Court Rules Dashcam Footage is Public Record

How Do the Charges for Heroin Possession and Intent to Sell Differ?

Don’t Look Back In Anger, When It Comes to Estate Planning

Recent Lawsuit Shows Importance of Knowing Your Miranda Rights

Treating Doctors Unable to Give Expert Testimony

Supreme Court’s Landmark Ruling in Child Relocation

A Quick Guide to Navigating a Heroin Possession Charge

Shoplifting Charges in New Jersey: What You Need to Know

3 Things to Know about DUIs this Summer

New Jersey Drivers Can Now Report Dangerous Driving with #77 Alert System

Big brother is at it again...This time Samsung

Financial Difficulty can cause Car Ignition Issue

Britt J. Simon Receives NHTSA Training

Britt J. Simon trained in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

Juvenile Sentencing in Question

Noncustodial parents' financial obligations for school

Student Loans will follow you, even with Social Security income

Britt Simon Top DUI Attorney in New Jersey

Online Postings Considered Defamation?

Retro Alimony Reduction, Woes

Assisted Suicide or Murder

Personal Injury - Talc Powder Cases To New Jersey

Latest on medical marijuana

Private Prisons vs. Federal Prisons

We voted to allow sports betting in NJ, Federal Court says "Good Try..."

State Legislature OK's Pot for PTSD

Patriotic to Politically Incorrect: EEOC Investigates 1775 War Flag

Prosecutor Leaks Images of Public Defender: Smear Campaigns the trend of 2016

Rated 5 stars? Phony Reviews plague Internet

$18 Million Awarded, Revoked over Accutane: Judge's Error, 3000 Cases to go...

Handguns & High-beams: Gun-toting Suspect Cleared on Technicality

Potential Personal Injury Suit for Imodium

Jail time for consensual sex with adult student

Child Support:  A Child's Right and that Right Just Got Stronger!

Sex Offenders “Good to go” in Church Youth Groups

Murder Double Shooting NJ Court Reversal

DCPP / DYFS Agents Exempt from Lawsuit

DD Stores charged with overcharging

Triparenting, is it better than two?

Terminated Employee can Access Personnel File

Upcoming Estate Planning Seminar

Employment Issues: Be Careful What you Post on Facebook

Expungements Made Easier!

Bankruptcy Scammers

Expungement is getting easier.

Warrantless Vehicle Searches

Marijuana smoke is still probable cause...

New Limits on Expungements in New Jersey

No Contact Order For Campus Sexual Assault

Register Now - Free Estate Planning Seminar 9-17-15 6PM Bedminster

Condo Associations Liable for Sidewalk Injuries

Sexual Assault Evidence Must Be Kept For 5 Years

Estate Planning Seminar September 17, 2015 6PM

Discrimination in the Workplace: You Have a Right to Pump Breastmilk

Are Injured Workers Becoming Addicted to Prescriptions

Website on Preventing Sexual Assault to Launch

Social Security Disability Fund In Trouble

School Obligations to Prevent Sexual Assault

NJ Discrimination sent to Arbitration

Aggravated Sexual Assault Laws in NJ

Take Notes - Your Workers Comp Claim Depends on it

Veterans Benefits: Setting the Record Straight

NJ Workplace Injury Answers

NJ Workers' Compensation: The Future

What you need to know about NJ Domestic Violence

NJ Workers' Compensation, Telemedicine is coming

Workers' Compensation Law & Alcohol

Court Ok Suits over denied mortgage modification

Second Hand Smoke Can Be Considered Workers' Compensation

NJ Criminal Law: Marital Privilege One Step Further

Illegal for Employer to Retaliate for Workers' Compensation Claims

Whistleblower Employment Law

Punitive Damages Cost of Doing Business

Workers' Compensation Update: Employee v. Contractor

Rights During NJ Traffic Stop

Is Leaving Child in Car Child Abuse? NJ Courts Decide

Worker’s Compensation Laws – Always Changing

Traffic Violations: Even the Sheriff Doesn't Follow the Law

NJ Traffic Update: No Duty to Disclose Indictable Offense

Elder Law Seminar

NJ Laws on Whistleblower and Employee Protection Act

NJ DUI Update: Failure to Provide BAC

NJ Civil Lawsuit against Porche for light colored dashes???

Employment Law: Job Applicant Credit Checks Law Suit

Court Bars Abuse Victim from Post Divorce Mediation

NJ Personal Injury - Accidents

NJ Workplace Injury Awards

The importance of Workers' Compensation Insurance

NJ Family Law: Gestational Bill

NJ Discrimination: Fired for Breastfeeding

Personal Injury: Duty to Prevent Injury Foreclosed Home

Family Law: Methadone Treatment While Pregnant not Child Abuse

NJ Personal Injury cases related to Prempro

Driving While Suspended After DWI, Means Jail

Court Relaxes Affidavit of Merit Rule in Malpractice Cases

NJ Criminal Law: Spousal Privilege

Criminal Law: Prior Crimes Evidence

Expungements easier

NJ Traffic Update: Red-Light Cameras

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